Friday, December 5, 2008

Where to buy Dominion and other links has been offline for a while now, so just in case anyone comes by this blog wondering where they can get a copy of my book (one can hope) or wanting to find out more about it, I thought I would post a few links.

Firstly, you can order the book through EDGE publishing:

It is available in various ebook formats:

You can find out more about DragonMoon Press on their blog:

And finally, here is a review of Dominion by Donna McMahon:

While gathering these links, I discovered that there is another J.Y.T. Kennedy who has written a book called 'Happy Aging with Costa-Rican Women.' So much for my theory that using all those initials would prevent me being confused with the gazillion other Kennedys out there. . .

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Words in the Park: November 1st

I am going to be participating in a Literary Fair at the Strathcona County Library on November 1st. The Library is on the east side of the Sherwood Park Mall. The event is free, and runs from 1 to 4pm. I will have a table there, and be available to chat with anyone who would like to come by. I will have copies of Dominion and In the Dark for sale, and will also be helping to promote our local storytelling chapter. There will be other authors from a variety of genres present, all with some connection to the County. I have not seen a list of who will attend, but I understand that Joan Galat, the author of Dot to Dot in the Sky and other books of sky and star-lore, will be there. You can check out some information about her here:

And here is the library website:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Campfire Ghost Stories

I'm doing some last minute preparation for this year's Spooktacular, and just wanted to post about a great book which I found at the library. It is Campfire Ghost Stories by Jo-Anne Christensen. This is a really good collection of scary stories to tell, including versions of many old classics as well as some I haven't encountered before. (After ten years of storytelling, that is getting rarer than you might think!) Not all, or even most, of these are strictly speaking ghost stories, but the book is part of Lone Pine's Ghost Stories series, which I assume is the reason for the title. The book includes some tips on how to tell scary stories for newer tellers.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where'd that year go?

I can hardly believe it has been ten months since I last posted. Actually, this year has not been a complete vacuum, although there hasn't been any really exciting news as far as writing goes. (Not for me, anyway. Fellow cultist Barb Galler-Smith sold her Druids trilogy to Edge!) I do have some short stories, that I am very excited about, almost ready to send out, and have also made some real progress on the two novel-length projects which I have going at the moment.

I have had a good year for storytelling. I told at the Night of Artists event and the Fort Edmonton festival, but probably my favourite telling experience was at a local seniors home. MaryAnn Lippiatt and I got trading off stories: every story seemed to inspire another one that we just had to tell. It was great fun, and just what this craft is supposed to be all about!

I am finally reading Amber Hayward's book The Healer, which I picked up at last year's Pure Speculation. It is a literary styled fantasy, with a modern setting, a leisurely pace, and understated fantasy elements. It is also a very intelligent, heartfelt, and engaging book, and well worth checking out.