Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where'd that year go?

I can hardly believe it has been ten months since I last posted. Actually, this year has not been a complete vacuum, although there hasn't been any really exciting news as far as writing goes. (Not for me, anyway. Fellow cultist Barb Galler-Smith sold her Druids trilogy to Edge!) I do have some short stories, that I am very excited about, almost ready to send out, and have also made some real progress on the two novel-length projects which I have going at the moment.

I have had a good year for storytelling. I told at the Night of Artists event and the Fort Edmonton festival, but probably my favourite telling experience was at a local seniors home. MaryAnn Lippiatt and I got trading off stories: every story seemed to inspire another one that we just had to tell. It was great fun, and just what this craft is supposed to be all about!

I am finally reading Amber Hayward's book The Healer, which I picked up at last year's Pure Speculation. It is a literary styled fantasy, with a modern setting, a leisurely pace, and understated fantasy elements. It is also a very intelligent, heartfelt, and engaging book, and well worth checking out.

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