Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whittaker Contest, Fort Edmonton

I am currently taking part in the Whittaker Contest, which is on the Write Idea forum: The forum also has a variety of less intensive writing challenges and places to share work, and seems to support a nice community of writers. So far the only thing I've participated in other than the Whittaker is the 'Word of the Day Haiku,' but I've got a feeling I'll be wanting to keep checking in with this group. I told the story 'The Fate of the Children of Lir' at our annual storytelling concert in Sherwood Park, and will be reprising it for the Fort Edmonton Storytelling Festival at the beginning of September. (Details at .) I'll be in a set with Laura O'Connor and MaryAnn Lippiatt, who will also be sharing their stories from our concert. It seems a bit of a shame we can't put the whole concert into a set; it was a great afternoon. Our TALES Strathcona tellers just keep getting better! For some reason Blogger is taking out all my paragraph breaks today, hence everything run in together in this post.

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