Tuesday, February 7, 2017


 I've seen a post going around on facebook that talks about the poison skittles analogy: the one where the author states that they would gorge themselves on skittles. I thought they made a good point, but was a bit reluctant to say the same. I think my kids would be sad if I ate a poison skittle. But today it occurred to me that I am already living with the risk that I may get in the path of a violent radical. That basically means that I am already eating out of a big bowl with poison skittles in it. And if somebody adds more skittles to the bowl which have actually been vetted by people trained to recognize poison skittles, that might in fact decrease the odds of me picking a poisoned one. So I feel pretty comfortable saying to bring them on, even without bringing any particular altruism to the table.

Make sense to any other cowardly but math literate folks?

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