Monday, March 20, 2017

Kids These Days

I really don't get why so people are so critical of today's youth, and particularly of the way they use technology. Part of this is because I happen to know a lot of really great people who are in their teens or twenties: smart, creative, tolerant, just generally all-round awesome people. And yes, some of them post selfies of themselves on the internet now and then and things like that which I guess you could say are a bit superficial.

You know what, though? I don't remember any shortage of superficiality or outright vanity for that matter among the kids I knew as a teen. It was pretty crazy just how much importance some of the kids I knew used to place on where people bought their clothes for one thing. And from what I remember of talking to my Mom, it was not much better in her day, only it was cashmere sweaters that got you into the social elite rather than Esprit jeans.

Not only that, but my Mom went to high school with guys whose idea of a fun time was playing chicken with their cars. For those not familiar with this quaint pass-time of yesteryear, the idea was that you lined up your cars facing each other. At a signal both drivers would speed toward each other, and the first to swerve to avoid a collision was the chicken.

But I guess people will believe social media is causing a total decline of civilization if they really want to.

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