Monday, October 22, 2007


This Friday and Saturday, I'll be telling scary stories at Fort Edmonton Spooktacular with Marie-Anne McLean and Jennie Frost. It is a couple years since I have taken part in this event and I am looking forward to doing it again. Basically, we spend the evening in a creepy old building taking turns telling the scariest stories we can come up with. No one under 13 is admitted - there is a separate kids' storytelling area, but for some reason they only ever let me tell stories there once.

Most of the stories we tell are based on traditional tales or urban legends, but I have invented a couple as well. Last year I wrote up a more literary version of my Spooktacular story 'The Fatality Sign.' The story actually didn't go over very well at Spooktacular (not scary enough) but it did get published in the anthology In The Dark: Stories from the Supernatural . More information about that is available at the publisher's website . The book has quite a variety of stories, many of which explore the creepier aspects of modern life.

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