Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reading November 12 with Jennifer Rahn

I am going to be holding a reading on the evening of November 12 at the Strathcona County Library, together with Jennifer Rahn. My novel, Dominion, was released by DragonMoon Press two years ago. DragonMoon had just released a terrific new book by another Alberta author, who happens to share my first name. Jennifer Rahn currently lives in Calgary, but grew up in Sherwood Park, and is coming back here to promote her first novel, The Longevity Thesis. We will both be reading from our respective books, and will also provide refreshments. We are hoping that this will be a fun evening, with plenty of opportunity for us all to visit and get to know each other better. We will begin at 7:00pm, and continue until 8:45.

I have read The Longevity Thesis, and found it really absorbing. It is not your typical fantasy, by any means. The story centres on a university campus in an underground land, where the inhabitants have so long avoided the desert above them that many now regard the stories of its magic as mere superstition. Antronos, who has been touched by that magic, knows better. But even he does not suspect what ancient and unnatural beings are at work within the University itself, until his desire to study longevity places him in their power. The Longevity Thesis is at turns darkly primeval and disconcertingly modern, grimly macabre and life-afirming: compounded together, these ingredients create a powerful and unsettling tale.

I enjoyed meeting Jennifer R. in Calgary last year, and am looking forward to seeing her again, and hopefully some other new and familiar faces too.


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JYTK said...

Well, I sort of fell of the blog wagon for almost a year there, but very belated thanks!